The Bucks

(2/19/2014 The currency is not yet in circulation with no plans to introduce it in 2014)
The Bridgetown Buck is a privately issued local currency designed for use in the Portland, Oregon area. The currency project is not connected to any state, city or local government. This is a voluntary use product designed to aid locally owned businesses by shifting a portion of sales away from big box retailers and focusing this consumer spending on local merchants.

Bridgetown Bucks work to build our local economy by maximizing the circulation of trade within the Portland area. Local currency is a tool for sustainable economic development and this economic model distinguishes between locally owned businesses that accept the currency and all national big box chain stores that do not accept it. Bridgetown Bucks will not, and are not intended to, replace federal currency. Their use will help strengthen the regional economy, favoring locally owned enterprises, local manufacturing, and local jobs, and reducing the region’s dependence on an unpredictable global economy.

Bridgetown Bucks can act as a tool for educating and empowering the local community. The more shopping dollars continuously circulating in the local area, the more resilient the local economy will become thus contributing to a more certain and stable economic future for the Portland area. Bridgetown Bucks can help Portlanders build a powerful alternative economic future, not based on globalization.

The PDX Currency Corporation is an Oregon non-profit organization working in partnership with participating local banks, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

When shoppers use Bridgetown Bucks, the money they spend stays with local companies in the Portland area. Locally owned businesses spend more of their generated income in the local community than big box retailers. Money received at a national chain store or restaurant will quickly leave the Portland area headed for suppliers and contractors in other states and countries.

Local currency builds an economically vibrant and environmentally sustainable local economy. By spending money at local businesses and not national retailers, consumers strengthen the local economy and build a more resilient community with the ability to better withstand social and economic crises. A currency that continues to circulate in the Portland area strengthens the local companies’ purchasing power.

  • Mario Santos

    Please let me know when the new polymer notes will hit the streets. I would like to get some as soon as they are available.

    • admin4mainwp

      Thank you, there will be plenty of press. We have some non circulating samples now

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